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ROT13 /rot ther’teen/ [Usenet: from “rotate alphabet 13 places”], v. El mecanismo de cifrado simple usado por Cesar que reemplaza cada letra por otra situada 13 posiciones más allá en el alfabeto.


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Software development cycle

Software doesn’t just appear on the shelves by magic. That program shrink-wrapped inside the box along with the indecipherable manual and 12-paragraph disclaimer notice actually came to you by way of an elaborate path, through the most rigid quality control on the planet. Here, shared for the first time with the general public, are the inside details of the program development cycle.

  1. Programmer produces code he believes is bug-free.
  2. Product is tested. 20 bugs are found.
  3. Programmer fixes 10 of the bugs and explains to the testing department that the other 10 aren’t really bugs.
  4. Testing department finds that five of the fixes didn’t work and discovers 15 new bugs.
  5. See 3.
  6. See 4.
  7. See 5.
  8. See 6.
  9. See 7.
  10. See 8.
  11. Due to marketing pressure and an extremely pre-mature product announcement based on overly-optimistic programming schedule, the product is released.
  12. Users find 137 new bugs.
  13. Original programmer, having cashed his royalty check, is nowhere to be found.
  14. Newly-assembled programming team fixes almost all of the 137 bugs, but introduce 456 new ones.
  15. Original programmer sends underpaid testing department a postcard from Fiji. Entire testing department quits.
  16. Company is bought in a hostile takeover by competitor using profits from their latest release, which had 783 bugs.
  17. New CEO is brought in by board of directors. He hires programmer to redo program from scratch.
  18. Programmer produces code he believes is bug-free….

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Juguetes y sexo

¿Quién dijo que Barbie y Ken tan sólo se cogían de la mano?.

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Ice Age Hardcore

Os dejo con una simpática animación por ordenador titulada Ice Age Hardcore :P

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¿Quieres descargar a tu equipo un video de YouTube, Google o iFilm pero no sabes cómo?. Bueno pues ya puedes hacerlo gracias a los enlaces que indico abajo. Simplemente copia y pega la URI del vídeo y haz clic en el botón correspondiente.

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Esto sí que es un montaje de luz de cara a la navidad y no lo que ponen algunos en su árbol cada año.

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Tasha’s Hey

Divertida, fantástica y sexy esta particular versión del “Hey” de los Pixies realizada por Tasha.

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